What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing - Meaning & comparison with traditional marketing: We are into an era of marketing, was in the era of marketing and will be in the period of marketing where every firm, organization, and company and sometimes an individual competing to create their brand awareness and wish to be.

Marketing is not only selling the products or building brand awareness, in fact, but marketing also starts much before actual selling and purchasing happens, selling and purchasing is just a part of marketing.

We all are aware of how marketing is being done by these companies and individuals traditionally, the channels and mediums for traditional marketing include television, newspapers, banners & posters, etc.

With the advancement of technology and changing the lifestyle of people, we have always witnessed the changes in marketing techniques and methods. 

Presently we are in an era of Digital Marketing which is just in its infancy, but no one can neglect its presence. So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the use of any digital media like the internet, computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. 

To apply marketing techniques & methods, the primary goal of digital marketing is promoting the products, creating brand awareness, selling & purchasing and sometimes to have the digital or online presence.

Which is like any other marketing method and techniques and have the same goal, just all the marketing skills & methods are applied digitally or online, and it provides many tools as compared to traditional marketing.

With the growing use of the internet and mobiles, Digital Marketing is showing a significant presence in the marketing world. Digital Marketing is growing at a very rapid pace, and many surveys resulted that it will take over all forms of marketing in an upcoming decade. 

Many established companies and brands are creating digital marketing departments and hiring digital marketing experts.


Advantages of Digital Marketing in Traditional Marketing

1.Flexible to use:

You can use your marketing budget as per your preference and requirements, and you can change your marketing techniques and strategies at any point in time.


2.Global Reach:

The digital marketing allows to reach the full range of audience and marketing can be done simultaneously to different parts of the globe as compared to traditional marketing.

With digital marketing wide range of potential customers can be reached out and its always possible to broaden the target market.


3.Cost Control:

Digital Marketing allows the marketer to have a check on the budget and the marketer can analyze which part of the marketing budget is being utilized and where it is getting utilized. A marketer can always stop or re-strategies the marketing techniques with digital marketing.



Digital Marketing provides marketer many tools from which he can measure the success rate of his marketing campaign or his targeted customers and audience. A marketer can have real-time check with the customers and can quickly remarket them. 

Digital marketing provides real-time data to analyze the popularity of web page, customer demographics and number of views which helps the marketer to strategies the further marketing techniques.



Digital marketing allows to build as many links as possible in very less time, so ultimately it saves a lot of time marketer.


Digital Marketing can be broadly classified into following parts:

1.AdWords & PPC:

Digital or online marketing has two main components - Organic and Inorganic marketing. Organic marketing is a method and techniques to get top ranking in search engine pages also defined as “Search Engine Results Page” or SERP. To get top ranking in SERP organic method don’t involve payment practices, but in the inorganic way of digital marketing, we have to pay for the services utilized for getting results in SERP.

Google AdWords is one such feature provided by “Google” itself where you can pay for the SERP results, AdWords provides many tools to the marketer so that he can manage his budget, marketing timings & strategies manages target customer & always reanalyze the marketing techniques. 

Google AdWords work on the concept of “Pay Per Click” (PPC) where the marketer has to pay only when his advertisement is being clicked or viewed and that too at the detailed budget of the marketer.


2.Video Marketing:

Video marketing is done on video platforms, and “YouTube” is the second largest search engine after Google. A marketer can promote products, brands & skills in the form of video advertisement to many video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.  


3.Mobile Marketing:

Digital marketing methods and techniques explicitly implemented for mobiles is called mobile marketing. With growing mobile users it's a very effective way to reach out to the potential customers.


4.Social Media Marketing:

Digital marketing provides many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram, etc., where the marketer can promote his product, brand, service & skills. A social media marketing effective solution where the marketer can implement organic and inorganic marketing techniques.


5.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is the organic way of getting traffic without paying anything. With constant efforts and marketing techniques, SEO (search engine optimization) will provide natural, payment free and editorial results. SEO requires lots of digital marketing skill, but it’s very effective.    


6.Google Analytics:

This is a very effective tool with the help of which every marketer can analyze, summarize and strategies & re-strategies his marketing techniques by the reports provided by Google Analytics which tracks the traffic, sales or conversion rates & demographics. For more please check this Google Analytics training.


7.Affiliate Marketing:

Digital marketing provides a method where the marketer can pay or hire external website and platforms from which he can get a referral for his services & products and in exchange marketer will pay some commission for every referral.


Who can opt for “Digital Marketing.”

With growing, internet users by next five years around more than half of the global population will be using the internet, and that is a significant number. 

Any firm, organization, company or individual who wants have the online presence and want to promote a business, want to increase sell, want to establish a brand, want showcase skills & talent, want to promote ideas can opt for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is very useful, measurable and less time-consuming tool marketing methods available today.      

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