What is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is one of the most initial of digital marketing or online marketing, and email marketing can be defined as a direct form of marketing which uses email as a marketing tool for the communication.

Many online marketers, companies, and organizations use this form of marketing to build a brand, communicate various offers and schemes and build loyal customers. 

The best advantage of email marketing is that marketer is sure that he is in communication with the potential client or customer through email.


Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing still holds its importance in various new marketing techniques and strategies as it is the direct form of marketing between customer and marketer and also yields a higher ROI (return on investment). 

Also, the email marketer can reach a higher amount of customers or potential clients as compared to any other marketing tools available today.

Email marketer should keep just the following points in mind to have the excellent ROI:

  • The email while using as the tool for online marketing should contain a right message.
  • The email should reach out to the right person
  • The email should reach the right person at the right time, so the email marketer should always keep an eye on the timing of the email.
  • The email should have right frequency otherwise it will just blow off the interest of the customer.

It is calculated that a total number of comprehensive email account was 3.9 billion in the year 2013 which is estimated to get increase by 4.9 billion in the year 2017. 

It means the email marketer is having a substantial number of potential customer base and has the extensive range. 

As the email directly reaches out to the customer or client, it always ensures direct promotion and strong online email marketing campaign.


Stages and Growth in E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is growing every second by leaping about 2.8 billion in every second, and one factor which many experts believe that increase in the use of mobile phones and it was already predicted for the year 2017 as:

  • It is expected that about 1.779 million people will have email access on their mobile phones.
  • It is expected that 15% to 70% of people will access their emails on mobile phones, so it is giving a great platform for email marketers.
  • Globally about 30% of internet users open their email exclusively on mobile phones.

So, it entirely suggests that many online activities are being done on mobile phones, it is imperative for marketers to make mobile-friendly websites.

From a customers point of view, email marketing is very customer friendly as it directly provides information about various products, offers, and schemes that email marketer can provide and that too directly in his mail account.

Email marketing has become one of the favorite forms of online marketing again as it is the cost-effective form of marketing and allows the marketer to connect with the massive amount of potential customers in very less time. 

The email marketing lowers the marketing expense to the much more significant extent as it does not require much money to form and design useful email. 

The email is also easy to track and provides quick response besides this email marketing is the most straightforward form of marketing. 

Above all email, a marketer can send a personalized and interactive message, offers, schemes, etc. across the globe.


Terminologies used in Email Marketing

Open rate

It is defined as a measure of some people view or open email in an email marketing campaign. The open rate is being always calculated in percentages, so if the open rate is 30%, it means out of hundred only thirty people have opened the mail or out of ten people three people have opened up or viewed the mail.

Click through ratio

It is defined as some people have clicked on specified link/links provided in the email. The click-through ratio is being calculated as the number of times email link is being clicked by the number of times the email is being opened (impression).

Click to open ratio (CTOR)

It shows how useful the email is an email marketing campaign. In CTOR (click to open ratio) the number of unique clicks is divided by the number of unique opens, which is calculated in percentages. 

In short, it indicates how many people are opening the mail and how many are clicking on the links which ultimately shows the effectiveness of the email.


Types of E-mail Marketing

The following are the main types of email marketing:


This type of emails is defined as the emails which are sent to the already existing clients or customers by the marketer. This form of email marketing gives information to the customer about various offers, new products, news & information, etc. This email marketing technique is used by the marketer to stay connected with the customers.


Transnational E-mails:

These emails are usually sent after a certain action is being performed by the customers. These emails usually contain various confirmation messages or other after information which is needed by the customer to have an active relationship with them.

For example, if the customer makes some purchases, then emails will be sent to them containing their purchase information or transaction receipt.

These emails may also contain information about various other offers so that marketer can have repeated customers.


Direct emails:  

These type of emails are usually used to inform customers about various offers, schemes, new products, etc. These emails also include links to which customer can directly land into the offer web page or web page containing discounts, schemes, special offers. 

The essential objective of these emails is to attract customers for various products, offers and in return get added revenue.


Video or Catalog Email:

These emails usually contain product listing, images of products and descriptions about various products, the price can be or cannot be included. 

Video emails provide a more detailed description of the products and its very active form of the email to attract new or existing customers about various products.   


Types of Email Marketing Strategies

It’s always advisable for an email marketer to implement well strategist marketing techniques and methods as it will surely increase the chances to reach his goals and will get decent profit eventually.

The online marketer or email marketer can employ email marketing plans and techniques to get relevant traffic, certain purchases and which can at the same time take care of customer’s preferences to have successful email campaign.

The email marketing campaign will only be successful if marketed skillfully converts his marketing ideas into an effective email marketing plan to achieve desired results. The primary email marketing strategies are as below:

1.Can offer various discounts and other attractive benefits to the customers if they have existed customers so that they can stick to marketer’s products and offerings. Online marketing companies and advertisers can always please their customers with discount coupons and other offerings; this will help the marketer to have a genuine long-term relationship with the customers. This way of marketing will also yield new customers to the marketers.

2. One more email marketing technique that an advertiser or marketer should follow is that always give in touch with the customer with proper content, blogs, and videos via email. It will help the marketer to have a long-term relationship with the customers.

3. Email marketer or an advertiser should always think of building healthy and vibrant relationships with their potential customers, and this goal they can achieve by having personalized emails from time to time to their customers.

Email marketing campaign should always send personalized mail to their existing and potential customers and the right content at the right time. Email marketing campaign must have a proper frequency of their emails so that customers don’t get irritated by repeating emails carrying the same information every time.

The content of email should be structured in such a way that it catches the eye of the customers immediately and have creative catching or opening line. The email can be included with attractive graphics and should contain the links which will take the customer to the desired web page.

One more and last point which every email marketers should keep in mind that the email should contain “unsubscribe” link or option to their customers or clients.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies By Paayi


Implementing Proper Email Marketing Plan

We have understood by now that proper implementation of an email marketing campaign yields better results to the email marketer or an online marketer, let’s below ho  marketer can to implement appropriate email marketing plans to get desired results:

  1. It’s always necessary for the online marketer to understand where he is marketing; he should have a good sense of his target audience or customers and potential clients where online email marketer can advertise his products, offerings and other discounts. The email marketer in this way will get whole customers list and can also target new customers so that he can re-market them.

2. Online email marketer should always keep an eye over the content he is sending to his customers or clients via emails; proper email content will result in genuine potential customers, this will also help the marketer to keep in an interactive touch with the existing customers or clients.

3. Email marketer went designing an online campaign should always check the frequency of his emails to the existing customers and clients, email marketer should have a proper and specific schedule of his advertisement emails or email campaigns.

4.As we all know email marketing is the easiest way to marketing so marketer should always keep in mind that he can attract potential customers with creative emails and various other innovative ideas. The proper creatively crafted email campaign has more chances to attract potential customers or clients.

5. The email marketer can always analyze his marketing campaigns from time to time by measuring his online marketing email campaigns through relevant traffic, bounce rates, sign-ups and subscribers and purchase rates. This technique of email marketing will surely atop him the money spent on an email campaign.

6. Well besides various advantages of email online marketing campaign there are few downsides to as many customers or clients set spam filters to their mail accounts. Spam emails can be defined as emails sent to thousands of subscribers or customers.

The customers use to highlight spam emails by diverting these emails into their spam mail accounts which ultimately gets ignored and don’t solve any purpose. It will decrease the primary goal of an email marketer.

Email marketer should always keep in mind the set rules mentioned or specified by firewalls so that it will improve their online email marketing campaign strategies. Firewall is the system which prevents the online user from having spam emails and the emails which are not set as per the proposed guidelines and determined by its administrators.

7. CAN-SPAM act introduced in 2003 enables the internet user to keep an eye or unsubscribe or eliminate spam emails in their accounts. The online user can file the complaint against spam emails to authorized bodies and claim appropriate compensation.


Marketing tools available in email marketing

The online marketing provided email marketer and equipped him with various tools for his successful email campaigns. These tools help email marketer to have a proper client base and target his potential customers as per group or an individual.

These tools also help email marketer to organize his customer clients list, managing new contacts and to form relevant messages to relevant customers.

Lets’ discuss all these email marketing tools as below:

MailChimp - This is the most famous tool available to email marketer today, with the help of mail chimp an email marketer can send a huge amount of emails at the same time to various customers or clients. It’s necessary for an email marketer to enable mail chimp in his browser for its proper functioning.

Campaign building – Email marketer should always build their campaign step by step, and again MailChimp provides the marketer with necessary methods and techniques.

Viewing Reports the – it’s always a good habit for an online or email marketer to consider and analyze the marketing reports, again “Mailchimp” can provide the marketer with useful data and reports which he can explain and re-strategies his email marketing campaigns.

Other tools besides Mailchimp which an email marketer can user is – AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign and get Response.


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