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Get to know if AdHitz is good for you website or Not.
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AdHitz is one of the leading and trusted platform for providing a solution for online advertising. AdHitz works as a mediator between website owners and advertisers by selling the ad space on thousands of websites.

Both the website owner and advertiser can able to earn the online revenue by using the webspace, provided by the AdHitz. AdHitz offers a complete solution to both the parties for generating revenues.



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Get To Know The AdHitz, And How Does It Function

AdHitz is an affiliate program that enables you to make a benefit by just putting advertisements on your site in a similar way the Adsense works. There indeed is no reason to worry about it, as it is effortless to operate.

Just paste the code into your website as well as the blog for which you want to generate the revenue. The revenue which you will earn is based on the traffic on your site, the higher will be traffic to your website; the more income you will able to make.

AdHitz is useful for bloggers and website proprietors, the promotions and ads given by them are constructed exclusively concerning what the website brings to the table. Which means, the advertisement will be displayed on your online platforms; as per the content, of the site and blog. It makes AdHitz distinctive because they indicate promotions that are sponsored.

It implies they all have paid for this introduction and exposure. AdHitz does not utilize its advertisements to make a benefit and get the presentation for themselves; they enable their clients to have benefits.

To use the AdHitz, the requirements is the same as all the affiliate programs available today. Website introduction & presentation must be excellent. Consider it along these lines, would you even enter an eatery on the off chance that it had rats and cockerel insects welcoming you at the front gateway?

What makes AdHitz not the same as different subsidiaries as is Adsense, they won't wipe out or block your account for the promotion of the websites that offer motivation to click. In this way, AdHitz is better if compared with other available affiliate programs.

It is effortless to start working with the AdHitz and make your account with it. You need to go the - The base or minimum fees is 10$, and 3$ expense will be deducted. They accept Alertpay and PayPal, which are payment processor and a mediator all around the globe and can also convert the currency as per your country.


Ease For Website Owners & Bloggers

AdHitz will keep on generating money for you, while you are in sleep and will turn your blog or website into a cash-making machine. In case you having any website or blog, you have to access it to edit the HTML coding and need to add the script code provided by the AdHitz.

AdHitz will provide you with millions of codes which enable advertisers to display their ads on your website or blog page. In this way, you can turn your website and blog into a money-generating tool. You need to get register with the AdHitz and monetize your website or blog page and create the traffic.


AdHitz Enables Advertiser To Reach Their Target Audience

If you are one of there clients who choose to use their advertising program, then it could help you out to reach millions of customers every single day. As an advertiser, you should be having the sense that publication is a number game.

Adhitz provides flat rates or bulk discounts, so it depends on you how you choose or how much you choose and what is your target audience. Rates may vary from country to county.

It will be the smart idea to use AdHitz and stop wasting your cash on the irrelevant traffic which is not getting turned. With AdHitz, you can very efficiently manage your advertising budget and will soon start rolling your budget into conversions and sales.


Other Advantages of AdHitz

You can publicize on PTCs as well as through Ad distributors. The favorable position with managing distributors is that you can track your promotion battles - track the change rate through CTR, and furthermore set a specific spending plan on the off chance that you wish not to surpass it.

You can discover numerous distributors. However, AdHitz is the most broadly utilized advertisement distributer among PTCs. The Greater part of PTCs uses AdHitz on their site.

AdHitz makes it simple to purchase and offer to promote web-based, giving sponsors and distributers more straightforwardness and control. With pennant and content promotions, AdHitz has created a straightforward and more viable publicizing commercial center for sponsors and distributors of all sizes.

AdHitz is an auxiliary organization of ClixSense Inc., – a built-up PTC running since 2007. You can either buy advertisements on destinations which have set their particular self-assertive rates or decide on a Network battle.

If you buy Network advertisements on AdHitz, your promotions will appear on destinations when there are no advertisements accounted in the distributors' account, or no one has purchased an ad on the distributors' site.

You will be charged on a CPC (taken a toll for every snap) premise, so you pay on the off chance that somebody clicks them. In this way, you pay for impressions that change over to click-throughs. So quit squandering your cash on an activity that doesn't change over!

It is the reason for promoting through distributors is in some courses superior to anything publicizing on PTCs since you will pay just for clicks made by individuals who are inspired by clicking your advertisement.

AdHitz offers a level rate CPC (Cost per click) — Instead of an offering framework where promoters regularly pay extravagant rates to have their adverts appeared, publicists will pay a level rate for each snap got. The estimation of the traffic is controlled by the nation where the traffic began as represented underneath. Publicists are not charged for invalid or deceitful catches.

You can discover the rates here – AdHitz CPC Rates AdHitz offers thirteen different sizes for content advertisements and five distinct sizes for picture promotions to look over.


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Why AdHitz Is Closing Down

Adhitz is closing down


Adhitz is closing down

If the reports from various sources and the individuals who are using the AdHitz is to be believed, AdHitz is going to close down soon and all its services.

It is another sort of online advert have, which is partnered with PTC sites. It has made a declaration that its individuals are to advise you that on the 1st of December- 2017 AdHitz will go close to all their services for all time.

For the accompanying reasons, the AdHitz Team make this known to all of their service users and members:

"With the loss of PayPal in March of this current year and with our nearby connection with PTC, it has turned into it's to a great degree difficult to work this business. We tried to get various merchant accounts, but since of the high hazard nature of our business, the cost per exchange rate was much too high, and it would not be plausible for us to offer this type of payment."

Along these lines, they feel it's best to take AdHitz disconnected. They are saying thanks to every last one of their individuals for an incredibly fruitful about nine years in business, and they wish every one of them proceeded with progress.

They will stop all dynamic webpage, and network ads promotions on November 30th and they will quit offering publicizing and permitting new sites quickly. They will issue discounts for any outstanding adjusts of these crusades. All payments will be finished on or not long after December twentieth, 2017.

If you are part of AdHitz or using their services as a website owner or blogger, or even you are using AdHitz to promote and advertise on the online medium, you should be aware of it and do the necessary steps and consider the further options.


Adhitz Decided not to Close Down

Adhitz solved the problem with Paypal, so they are not closing down.

Adhitz is not closing

Adhitz is not closing

Alternatives To AdHitz For All The Platforms

So, if AdHitz is going to be closed very soon, as website owners, blogger and advertiser you must have some other options on which you can rely, and continue working in the same fashion. Below we are providing you a few of the options which you can use as an alternative to AdHitz.



Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a free program that empowers website distributors of all sizes to show pertinent Google promotions and gain. Only one account and boundless websites, just one site should be submitted.

The most noteworthy paying advertisement organize, gives you 100% of the profit, which is more than some other.




The Adversal is a web-based publicizing innovation arrangements supplier situated in Los Angeles, California. We have built up a white-name innovation stage that empowers web distributors and media organizations to construct, oversee, and develop their own particular vertical advertisement systems.

Adversal enables its customers to take finish control of their advertisement stage, as opposed to depending on outsider promotion systems. Subsequently, our customers catch a permanently more significant level of their promotion income while holding more noteworthy control and attentiveness over the advertisements being served around their substance.


Adversal-Ad-monetization Copyright @ Adversal


DoubleClick For Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers - Google Ad Manager, is a simple to-utilize, yet efficient advertisement management arrangement intended to address the issues of developing distributors & publishers.


 Doubleclick-This-is-powered-by-Google. Copyright @ DoubleClick



Infolinks drives the Pay Per Click Advertising industry with premium Contextual Advertising for Websites. Get the highest-income share from In Text Ads - ensured.



Infolinks-Innovative-Ads Copyright @ Info link



Appsfire is the up and coming generation of versatile promoting innovations, helping designers and distributors in their mission for better marketing and development.


Appsfire-Better-Ads-for-Better-Mobile-Apps - Copyright @ Appsfire



FAQ's Related To AdHitz

How and when are distributer payments handled?

AdHitz starts handling distributer payments on the primary business day of every month and pays them out using Payza (previous AlertPay). Payments are sent at the latest the twentieth of every month.

If the twentieth happens to fall on an end of the week or US Holiday, payments will be prepared on the following business day.


What is the "Pending Payout" sum in my account points of interest?

This pending sum was earned from earlier months exercises and was expelled from your account adjust and set in awaiting status for withdrawal. All withdrawals will be prepared at the very latest the twentieth of every month.

On the off chance that the twentieth happens to fall on an end of the week, payments will usually be made on the following business day  - typically Monday.


What is AdHitz, and how can it function?

AdHitz is a confided in the commercial platform for online advanced promoting. AdHitz offers promotion space on a great many sites by going about as the medium between site proprietors and sponsors. Regardless of whether a promoter or a site proprietor hoping to pick up incomes from their webspace, AdHitz is the entire arrangement, as well as the solution.


How would I delete or close my AdHitz account?

If you don't mind present a help, ask for requesting that we close your account. If you don't remember, incorporate your username or email address to which you have opened the account.


Do you permit adult-related advertisements or sites?

No, we don't permit the publicizing of Adult related sites, nor do we allow the accommodation of advertisements that contain any grown-up related material.


Imagine a scenario in which I overlook or forgot my password word?

Don't sweat it. Tap the "Forget Password" connect found under the sign-in box and take the directions introduced to recuperate your overlooked secret key.


For what reason do you require my email address?

Your email address will be the essential contact strategy for your account. Any activity warnings or notices will be sent using email.

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