10 Advertising Techniques to Lower Ad Spend

We capture ten different types of advertising techniques, Which can help you to grow your business
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In this article, we will see how to lower and minimize your marketing or advertisement budget, the less you need to spend on marketing budget, higher will be your ROI (Return on Investments). So, let's see ten advertising techniques to lower ad spend.

As an online marketer or advertiser, the main concern which always haunts them is to minimize their marketing budget or do the online campaigns within the prescribed budget. 

Maybe your ads are doing well and having good reach, but until and unless your marketing campaigns are not in your budget, then everything seems to go in vain. 


Here are the 10 Advertising Techniques to [ Lower Ad Spend ].


1. Add Strong and Powerful Words So that viewer tempts to click your add.   

It is evident if you have powerful words in your title, viewers will temp to click on them, which results in a better click-through rate. 

The advertisements with strong and powerful words make the ad attractive so that people stop at your ad and click to see the full ad. 

That's why you as an online marketer or advertiser should always use words as a most powerful tool to attract your potential clients and customers, and proper use of strong words makes your ad exciting and tempting. 

It is more likely that you will get more clicks, and it will surely help you to lower your budget.

You can study and research many ads that have used words powerfully to attract visitors, a right and creative combination of words increase your click-through rate. 

These are few healthy and powerful words which you can use to make your advertisement convincing and appealing - Win, Free, Fast, You, Try, Success, Easy, Increase, Get, Instantly, Sure.


2. Try all marketing platforms and identify the cheapest one

Many research and surveys showed that placing ads on LinkedIn is much costly as compared to other social media platforms but is having better quality. On the other hand, placing a hand on Facebook is much cheaper, but having lower lead quality.

So, as an online marketer and advertiser, you should judge and analyze your marketing platforms so that you can get the correct and desired results and high conversions. 

Once you start placing your ads on different platforms, you will start analyzing the profitability and conversions of different platforms, which will surely help you to manage your advertisement budget. 

The platform which is having better reach and good conversion can be your high invested marketing platform and the platform which is not showing the results as required you can lower the marketing budget on those platforms or even stop using those platforms.

So, to be a successful social media marketer, you should run your advertisement on all of the social platforms available - Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Bing, Google Plus. 

If you give your time to understanding these platforms, you will surely come up with the right solution and marketing strategy.


3. Allow handsome budget for online marketing campaigns

You may be thinking that it is all about to lower the budget, above the line, seem to be a contradiction, but this is true as online advertisement and marketing are the large platforms. 

When you are competing with other competitors, who are spending thousands of dollars monthly on paid advertising platforms so as to compete with them, you also need to allocate your marketing budget handsomely and creatively.

In case you can't do this, then you will be narrowing down your CTR and reach to your advertisements. But it is not mean that you spend lots of dollars just at the start of your campaign and exhaust with your marketing budget, in fact in the start of your campaign try with the lower budget and the platforms where you are getting good conversions or results you can allocate your budget on those platforms.

Starting with the small budget will give you the proper idea about the performance of your campaigns, and once you start getting good results, you can allocate more budget and re-strategize your marketing methods and techniques.

It may also be possible that you are not getting good results to the start, in this case, you can re-plan your marketing strategy and start all again from scratch, this way you will always have sufficient budget for the online marketing, and you can compete with thousands of your competitors out there.


4. Retouch and Replay Your Old Advertisements

With every day passing your last Ad will get older and older and after a few days, it won't have any value or reach until and unless it is earning medium. So as your advertisements get older, the money you have spent on these ads will get stuck up. 

In this case, you can always retouch and refresh your advertisement as it will let you get more conversions and leads because as your ad is getting older and older, it will start losing its effect and rate.

The time you start refreshing and retouching your advertisements, you can use the money spend on these advertisements. You only have to refresh the ad you can keep your offers the same need to refresh the ads. 

As an online marketer, you should always remember that it will take hardly a few minutes of you while refreshing the ad, so it is still good to move than launching a new advertisement.


5. Attract Potential Customers With Offers and Gifts       

It is always advisable when placing your advertisement on marketing platforms for having many offers or gifts. It is right for online or digital marketing too that any suggestion or anything free will always lure potential clients and customers.

But as an online marketer or advertiser, you should understand that you can't offer any high-value service or product for free because this is undoubtedly a wrong move because you are marketing for-profit and not any social cause. 

At the start, you can offer - free trials, e-books, video services, or any other things which are related to your services or offer. You can also attract your potential customers with some discount coupons.

Studies have shown that this technique of offering and gifts undoubtedly led customers to click on your advertisements and have helped to increase the conversion rate resulting in better ROI.


6. Use Ad Tools To Manage Your Advertisement And Budget Effectively

As you are already spending lots of money on your online advertisements campaigns, then you also need to analyze the reports and various analytics which you get. 

Many advertisement platforms have many tools which help online advertiser or marketer to get analytics and can analyze the progress of the campaigns.

You should regularly check your advertisement dashboard, but if you are running your advertisement on various platforms, then it is complicated for you to check all these effects. 

But if start using effectively you can save lots of your time and energy, below are the things which ad tools can provide and help you:

  • You can easily manage multiple accounts and efficiently study analytics.
  • Ad tools surely will save your time and energy so that you can focus on other things related to marketing campaigns.
  • You can efficiently target your ads.
  • Ad tools also help you test different variants so that you can update your marketing strategy.
  • Ad tools make you understand about your advertisement expenditure, and you can manage your budget on various campaigns in a very efficient way.
  • You can manage lots of ads and campaigns with just a few clicks.

All these benefits will surely let you use the ad tools if you are spending lots of money on various campaigns you should always need to manage your campaigns and ads effectively.


7. Always Keep An Eye On Quality Score

In case you are spending too much money on your online marketing campaigns, then you should always have a keen eye for a quality score of your various ads. 

The quality score will directly affect the costing of your advertisement and the rank of your ad in the search results pages.

All online marketing platforms have introduced the quality score, which helps the advertiser to check and analyze how its ad is performing. 

Many factors are there which affect the quality score of your ad but always keep in mind better the quality score better will be your ranking, and lower will be your cost.

Many advertiser and marketers do the mistake by avoiding this essential factor - quality score, and start thinking that it is challenging to increase the quality score, but if you keep the following elements in mind you will have a good quality score:

  • Your Ad text should be compelling, creative, and engaging.
  • You should have the perfect landing page. Otherwise, your bounce rate will increase.
  • Use your keywords properly by doing some research.
  • Your ad should have relevance and refined.


8. Test Multiple Variants Of Your Advertisement

You should always split your ad in multiple variants to test, which factor is playing a positive role in your campaign and which element is playing negatively for your whole campaign.  

Smart marketers always test run multiple variants of their advertisements, and this helps them to find out the better combination or version.

You can have a test version of your advertisements for every factor like - landing page, keywords, sales page, pop-ups, description, etc., and many other factors which you think will give you better results.

All you need to do to split your ad for having variants is to copy the ad and change the factor or element which you need to change. 

Always keep in mind when you make variants of your advertisements change one factor for one variant so that you can easily understand which factor is playing a positive role in your marketing campaigns.


9. Use effective And Powerful Image In your Advertisements For Better Conversion

As we have seen above that text play very powerful important role in the advertisement, in the same way, engaging and creative image to attract potential clients and customers. 

It is scientifically proved that human tends to get attracted to images more as compare to texts, so if these images are used properly and effectively it will surely make the viewer view it followed by few clicks.

So, as an online marketer always use images which helps your advertisement to stand out from the lot, below are few tips which you can implement while using the image in your advertisement:

  • The color scheme of your image should be attractive and eye-catching, it should not be very dramatic, but should have soothing colors which are suitable for eyes.
  • You should have positive and energetic faces of people in your image as positivity always attract positivity, if your image is having dull and negative stuff or people, nobody will be interested in it.
  • Complement your image with strong phrases and words.
  • Your image should be clear, and one does not need to have extra effort to watch the things in the picture.


10. Don't Forget To remarket Your Potential Clients And Customers

It is the very evident majority of visitors return from your website without giving you the conversion, but you have got many tools and reports which tell you how many people are not purchasing or getting converted. 

So you can use these data for remarketing those visitors and always keeping in mind remarketing is a very cheap and easy strategy that any online marketer or advertiser can employ.

You should segment the visitors as per their visit on your website; you can start targeting the most recent visitors. The study shows that recent visitors and those who left your website at the very last moment, say they left just before making the payment are easy remarketing targets and surely with proper remarketing, you can improve your conversion and ROI.

Remarketing always yields good results as you as a marketer know precisely who you are marketing and it is also easy for the visitors to identify you, but while re-marketing always keeps in mind too much of remarketing will be irritating for the customers.

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