Myths Related With Apps Store Optimization (ASO)

What Important things you need to learn about Apps Store Optimization.
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Apps Store Optimization Myths - Before we start talking about the myths related with ASO, let's discuss something which is very important related to apps, and as an app publisher, you should know these things. 

To start with let me first bang your mind to say that app is a global and massive business regarding global revenue. 

At present app, the sale is about thirty-five billion dollars industry which is having the potential to have growth of approximately one forty-three dollars by 2016. 

Other industries are growing too, but the app market is growing at a very rapid rate and increasing by thirty percent in every financial year and one of the hot sectors in today's scenario.

Lots of apps purchasing and publishing is going on around the world, as we have millions of smartphones users present today around the world. So, all these bring for an app publisher to implement methods and techniques for ASO (Apps Store Optimization) which is also called App Store Optimization", and from here onwards we will refer it as ASO(Apps Store Optimization). 

But as the app market is big, there are so many myths are also floating up with app publishers and developers and in these articles, we are going to bust those myths. 

As apps creations and marketing is an important topic if we see its growth worldwide, so we need to burst the myth related to ASO. So, we will first discuss the myth which is going along with ASO(Apps Store Optimization) and will give you the truth regarding that prevailed myth.


Do App Store Optimization Important

To start with whether ASO(Apps Store Optimization) is essential or not, well the answer is BIG YES, ASO is essential not because it is generating lots of revenue in the global market but because we have got many clients and customers globally who are searching for required apps. 

Many reports suggest that those with IOS are about sixty-three percent who use to search for new apps in the app store to get introduced to new apps.

Customers have got a variety of new ways to find the apps which they require and most of the times they get introduced to the new app is through media, websites, and mouth to mouth publicity. 

About substantial global population with smartphones will undoubtedly require apps to make their life easier and comfortable.

Many researchers have shown in the past that about more than twelve percent search for new apps on day to day basis, which leads to the about massive amount of users who download and use those apps, and one who download it and happy with it will surely going to tell his immediate.

So, if you are app publisher and developer, you should always get rid of the underlying myths which are going to ASO(Apps Store Optimization).



ASO(Apps Store Optimization) Myth #1: You Need To Change Your Titles Frequently To Get Higher Traffic


The Truth Is: Stick To Your Title And Work On It

There is no doubt that title is one of the essential element in app store optimization, and if you are app publisher, your developer will tell you that title is the essential element if metadata is concerned. 

Changing your title frequently or keywords will undoubtedly affect the result you get in the search page for the app store. If possible always select your title and keywords carefully, do some research and once you got the optimum title stick to it and kept working on it.

Changing your title frequently to include various keywords will be detrimental in the near future if your app is working decently in search rankings, then changing the title will make it difficult for the word of mouth publicity. 

So, once you are done with your title stick to it, below, we will discuss the points which will help you in choosing the title.


Make Your Title Short: 

A short title is always useful for the user or potential clients to read it on a single screen if possible try to choose up to twenty characters in your title. 

The Too lengthy title will often lead the viewer or clients to read it entirely as it will cut off, and user needs to take extra effort to read the full title if they want to. 

As a web publisher, you don't want to let your title to cut off as it is a most crucial element of the metadata. Work on your title, think about it many times do some research before publishing, and once you are done with your title, be with it and work on it.


Make Your Title Creative:

Make your title as creative as possible; you must be thinking why you need to have an original title, well if the user or potential client is searching for your app, they will conduct only two types of search, that is categorical or navigational. 

If your potential client or user have heard of your app or have gone through, it sometimes needs to remember your title, so the original title helps the user to remember it. 

So, it is advisable for an app publisher to make your title as creative as possible so that it will be easy to remember for the users or your potential clients.


Make Your Title Unique: 

Make your title as unique as possible, well unique is not very dissimilar to creative, but if you have got a similar title with too many apps, then your app will get lost in this vast world of digital media. 

So, make your title unique so that it does not match with other hundreds of apps out there in the market. The unique title will always become USP of your app as well makes it easy for the user to remember it. 

Navigational search for the particular word will give user thousands of similar results, or say the results with the same name so make your title as unique as possible.  


Don't Stuff Too Many Keywords in Title: 

As in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we all are advised to don't stuff too many keywords, and this technique can be applied in ASO(Apps Store Optimization) also. 

Mine surveys have shown that the use of too many keywords, irrelevant keywords, or repetitive keywords will lead to unpleasant user experience. There is the possibility that your app gets suspended.  

You should always keep in mind that you have twenty characters to include in your title, so it is still advisable to have short, unique, a creative title with the short keyword.



ASO(Apps Store Optimization) Myth #2: Keywords Are Not That Important Element

The Truth Is: Keywords Are Very Important Part Of ASO

Many web publisher and developers think that keyword is vital for SEO ranking. They believe that SEO is a different technique and methods from ASO. 

However, regarding keywords and search rankings ASO is similar to SEO, so in ASO too, you need proper keywords in title creation with an appropriate description.

So, the point here to bear in mind is while implementing ASO(Apps Store Optimization) techniques and methods you need proper keywords in your title and in the description to get higher ranking and excellent results. 

The app titles with having keywords are more than ten percent higher in search rankings. So, when your potential client or user needs to search for a particular app, he too uses similar search technique which he uses for web search so keywords are an essential element of SEO technique and it will be advisable not to neglect them.


ASO(Apps Store Optimization) Myth #3: ASO Os Mainly Focused On Ratings     

The Truth Is: Ratings Are Surely Important, But It's Not All About Ratings-Only

We all know that rating is a critical part of ASO, but if you start thinking that ratings are the only significant thing which you need when we talk about app store optimization, then you are wrong. There are many other essential elements you need while implementing ASO techniques.

Ratings are the most critical feature, but still, you are not sure it will lead a user to tap on the download button to have your app on their mobiles. 

Few surveys were conducted to analyze the impact of ratings, on random survey sampling was taken with easy search terms, medium search terms, and competitive search terms. 

The survey gave exciting results and showed that ratings were not having much impact on the ranking of an app in store place.

So, it is a myth that rating is everything; in fact, the top ranking apps were not even backing with high ratings. Thus, the conclusion yes, having an excellent rating is essential, but when it comes to app rankings ratings is not everything, and ranking depends upon many other factors.


ASO(Apps Store Optimization) Myth #4: If Your App Is In The Store, People Will Surely Find It

The Truth Is: It Needs lots Of Efforts For Your App To Get Visibility

Many App Publishers and developers who are implementing ASO methods believe that as long as their app is available in play store or the app store, it will undoubtedly get downloaded and yields them fruitful results. But the fact is something different.

Data showed that there are millions of apps available in App Store and Play Store, and to compete with those millions of app you should differentiate your app in many ways, just having the title in your keyword and description is not sufficient. 

The most important thing to get your app visible is to have some downloads for your app, yes download plays a significant factor when we talk about the visibility of your app in the search results. 

But many app publisher and developers usually underestimate the impact of downloads.   

In simple terms, you should understand that app with more downloads will show higher in the rankings, and if you want to increase the number of downloads for your app, you should implement traditional marketing as well with ASO(Apps Store Optimization). 

You can always use other online marketing methods like PPC, Social Media Marketing, or Email Marketing. 

Once you start getting the number of downloads, it will undoubtedly increase your rankings, which results in even more downloads which again improve the ranking, so both the things are beneficial to each other.

Many app publishers or developers use spam techniques but don't go for it and don't use junk downloads technique to boost your rankings. 

There are many algorithms developed to identify these junk download technique and which will ultimately result in the suspension of your app. 

So, always use other marketing techniques and right organic methods to have higher rankings for your app.


ASO( Myth #5: Description Is Not That Important

The Truth Is: Description Is Very Important Part Of ASO Methods

To have good rankings and better visibility, always keep in mind that description is an essential part of implementing ASO techniques and methods. 

It is regrettable to say that many app publisher and developers usually overlook about descriptions, many cases were reported in past in which app publisher has implemented all organic and legal techniques for the marketing of his app. 

But still not getting satisfactory results and after re-analyzing, the things it was found that they have just overlooked the important method while implementing ASO is "Description."

From various studies and reports, it is found that description plays a crucial role in the App Store as well as the Play Store. Even if the quality of the description and use of keyword have not impacted well, but it will inevitably force users or potential clients to download your app, which results in higher rankings.

So, let's hope the above articles cleared many of your myths regarding ASO, that is App Store Optimization, and when you are going to develop or publish your app, you will keep the above points in mind to get successful results in the app store and play store.

Using proper ASO technique, you will surely get good ranking in App store as well as you will complete your venture. Follow appropriate marketing techniques and avoid any spam method.    

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