Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools That You Should Use

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A plug-in is a software that adds additional features to an already existing computer program. A program allows customization by allowing plugins. WordPress is one of the best content management platforms when it comes to SEO.

Optimizing your website helps you with improving rankings. The plugins can be used to improve your website’s ranking, have more visitors and have a good website.


All in one SEO pack:

It is one of the topmost and widely downloaded plugins for WordPress. Search engine optimization plugin helps to improve your website’s ranking in the Google search bar.

WordPress supports SEO plugin, and there are many other things too that can be done to improve SEO like adding meta tags and avoiding copied content.

All in one SEO pack helps the user to do all the above things with ease. An all in one SEO plugin can be set up in your WordPress account. A basic version of SEO plugin is available for free.

You can be also able to get the pro version available that is paid but adds several other features like video sitemaps, e-commerce SEO, etc.

It costs around 79 dollars per year. To start using it, you first have to download and install it and then activate it. Once it’s activated, an all in one SEO option will appear in admin menu bar.

To set it up, you have to click on it and configure the settings. The settings page will have a lot of options. You can choose the settings that you desire.

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To download SEO plugin, please check here - SEO Ultimate plugin


Yoast SEO plugin:

It helps you improve your WordPress account a great deal. It also helps you to write better content. How does it do that? It helps you by keeping you focused on a keyword while writing rather than beating around the bush.

You can choose that keyword before you start writing. Premium Yoast SEO Plugin has several other features to offer as well such as letting you choose multiple focus words.

Yoast SEO also helps you in improving your site by letting you have a view of your profile how it appears to the general public in a search result.

You can decide for yourself whether the title of a particular post is good enough and has an appropriate length. You can also judge the description given by you.

Yoast SEO also analyses your page and helps you improve it. For example, it checks if the post is long enough if the images are added, if you have added a meta description to the post and if the meta description includes the focused key work.

By helping you keep these measures in mind, it enables you to write a better post and attract a more considerable amount of traffic to your website. In short, it makes sure you have added everything to your post to make it search engine friendly.

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To download SEO plugin, please check here - Yoast SEO plugin


SEO ultimate:

Ultimate SEO plugin has got plenty of features to offer and also it is easy to use and allows you to turn modules on and off.

It helps you manage all your page related matters at a single place. You don’t have to set up so many plugins to get the desired results. It also adds a 404 detector in your blog.

Using that you can find out if there are any 404 errors in your post. It also offers a code inserter where you can enter codes.

WordPress plugins help you a great deal in improving your page’s ranking and making your blog more accessible. Initially, you may feel like it is a waste of time to you, but once you are using the features, you’d know how helpful they are.

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To download SEO plugin, please check here -  SEO Ultimate

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