Tips For Improving ASO( App Store Optimization )

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ASO or ( App Store Optimization ) - To get good traffic for your app and strong downloading results, we need to implement many ASO techniques and need to know how to improve it. ASO stands for "App Store Optimization" an app store in the place where the user gets various apps.

So it is always necessary for you as app publisher your app should have excellent visibility and higher rankings.

Let's discuss various factors which affect the ASO and how they are essential in implementing ASO( App Store Optimization ) techniques:


Having Keyword - in The Title:

It is always good and recommended to have at least one keyword in your app title, as it will undoubtedly help to the higher ranking of your app in the app store.

Few surveys were conducted to analyze how having the keyword in the title affect the search results, and it found that apps which are having at least one keyword in the title performed more than ten percent better in having a good rank.

So, as an app publisher always make sure that you have the keyword in the title for having higher ranks and excellent visibility.


Higher Rating Results in Good Search Results:

As we have understood above, that how to have more top rankings by using the keyword in the title.

One more important factor which affects the success of the app is the excellent rating if your app has good ratings it will undoubtedly yield higher rank on the search page which will be responsible for the success of the app.

So, suppose you have missed something related to keyword your app should always have high ratings which will provide you some edge in comparison with your competitors.

So, always keep in mind your app should have an excellent rating which will ultimately result in the success of your app. Few tests were also done to analyze the effect of ratings on the app, and it is found that the app which is having higher ratings are more visible and have good rankings.

So, as web publishers, you should think for good ratings as well but this is also an external factor which is not directly in your hand as a web publisher, but there are many other techniques and tricks to get better ratings.


Your App Should Be More Downloadable:

The more times the app gets downloaded by your potential customers, the higher will be the ranking on the search results page.

As how many times the app gets downloaded is not the public information as it is available with only the app publisher, but many research and tests showed that more the customer download your app higher will be your rankings.

To get some downloads you should have two things entirely correct, you should have the keyword in your title, and you should have good ratings.

All these three factors correlate with each other; every element helps to value the other so start optimizing the things which are immediate in your hands - like having the keyword in the title.

Helps to value of the other so start optimizing the things which are immediate in your hands - like having the keyword in the title.


ASO Is Slow And Effective Process

If you as an app publisher need to get higher rankings and success for your app and you have decided to implement ASO techniques for marketing, then you should keep in mind that it is a slow method to market your app and will not give you results within few days.

You have to be very patient and have to update and monitor your ASO method intelligently. But once you start getting the results, then you don't have to work that harder as your initial days of implementing the ASO technique.

You should always update your keywords, because the set of keywords you put initially may not be your efficient keywords, so you should always check the results and keep updating with the factors that you can manage and are in your hands.

In most of the cases, it is found that developer or app publisher don't use or implement ASO methods and techniques at all, they don't ever approach to get their app ASO implemented.

What they do is they pick up their keywords and start writing the description at the submission level or launch level, which is terrible practice.

They don't even research to make a list of keywords which are beneficial for them; they just use arbitrary keywords which result that their app is not visible to anyone and don't have any rankings.

Which ultimately fails their app, maybe if the app is handy or having suitable features.

To be successful with your app, you should always keep monitoring the rankings of your app and do whatever is required to get higher rankings using ASO methods and techniques.

As an app publisher and developer you should always keep in mind that hundreds of app are being published every day and they will certainly affect the rankings and ratings of your app, so you should always monitor and update your ASO techniques to be always in higher rankings.

Even downloads will also be going to affect your search rankings, so you should always keep testing and experimenting with your keywords to always have good search rankings which will affect the success of your app.


How To Improve Your ASO

Main Title:

As we have understood earlier that having the keyword in the title will surely going to affect your search rankings, in fact, it will affect by more than ten percent to the apps which are not having keywords in their title.

So, to implement proper ASO method, you should have the keyword in your title, no matter how difficult to have that particular keyword.


Always keep tracking and updating your keywords to get better search ranks, as many apps get published every day so you should always have a keen eye for the keywords you are using.

You can use many tools and software's to analyze and update your keywords as it is a time-consuming task, so you need to have better tools to analyze your keywords in less time.

These tools will surely help you to keep an eye on your competitors and help you to update and analyze your keywords and ASO techniques.

There are some external factors which are not entirely in your hand will also affect the ranking of your app in search page like "Ratings & Reviews" and "Number of Downloads," but if you implement above two mentioned techniques correctly, you will get better ratings and downloads too.

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