Mistakes Done By Online Marketers and Advertisers

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As per many studies and surveys, more than seventy percent of the online marketers are using influencing marketing campaigns, and about sixty percent of the marketers are getting successful while using the influencing marketing campaigns.

Reports also suggest that YouTube turns out to be the best advertisement platform and is helping the marketers to get the best ROI as compared to other advertisements available today.

Most of the online marketers and advertisers are aware of the fact that YouTube is one of the second largest search platforms available today after Google and having more than one billion monthly users.

So, there is not a big deal if YouTube sponsorships are one of the top ranking acquisition tools available today.

Using YouTube as an advertisement platform, marketers can get big rewards but to enjoy those rewards marketers and online advertisers have to make correct online campaigns.

But at the same time, many marketers use to make many mistakes while using YouTube as a marketing platform and is this article we will discuss those mistakes which online marketers use while using YouTube as advertisements platform.


Taking Actions without Any Proper Marketing Strategy - Mistake#1

It is one of the most usual mistakes which most of the online marketers do while using YouTube influencer as an online marketing campaign is that they are not clear about their strategy and not know what will be their goal that they want to achieve while using the campaign.

The most general thought that online marketers have in their mind or their very specific target is to get certain about of views and get happy with few views and interactions; the interactions can be - like, comments, share in their videos or channel.

Many online marketers and advertisers start spending on these campaigns without having any specific plans and not clear about any specific metric which will be helpful for the success of the campaign.

So, the marketers and advertisers should always have few things clear in their before launching any online marketing campaign is that - Is there campaign is designed for the sales, conversion rates and how many new customers they are going to acquire in the long run?

It is a brand awareness campaign where which will be measured by the increase in views, sharing, and increase brand recognition by direct traffic or by referrals?

Or it is the campaign to have the growth of YouTube channel which will be measured by some new visitors or subscribers? Or the campaign is having the combination of objectives as mentioned above.

So, for having good ROI the online marketers and advertisers should have well thought YouTube influencer campaign with a clear strategy and goal.

The marketers should also keep in mind the various KPI's which will affect the campaign's success and help the marketer or advertiser to achieve the goal.

So, these above-mentioned tactics will surely allow the marketer to take better decisions and well-thought strategy so that he can meet the desired objectives and targets.


Unable to Recognize The Key Performing Factor - Mistake#2

When the campaign is already being launched the online marketer and advertiser should be able to understand where are they making mistakes and maybe they are getting driven by viewers and subscribers and due to this unable to recognize the mistakes which they may be doing while the campaign is running already.

Most of the YouTube marketers usually get into the common trap while choosing the talent based on the number of views, subscribers and the latest growth of the videos.

The fact is YouTube hosts a great amount of data which is very large in a quantity which analyzes the video watching pattern, behavior, and habits.

Online marketers can take the help of Big Data Analytics which is an online tool to dig deep into the YouTube and can find the talent of the highest quality for the brand they want to promote.

But marketer should keep in mind that there are many data-aspects from which they can choose when choosing the talent like - Relevance, Reach, Engagement, Influence, and Consistency. Let's understand all these aspects as below:

Relevance - 

This aspect helps you to understand as marketer or advertiser whether the channel on which you want to advertise or the audience of that specific channel will have an authentic interest in your products, service or brand. And this is determined by the keywords, and the audience overlaps.

Reach -

It can be understood by analyzing the average number of views per video and can be calculated as an average number of views the YouTube channel is getting during a set period.

Engagement -

This aspect shows or measures how well the audience or viewers are interacting with the content of the YouTube channel, and it can be measured by analyzing total views and the viewer's interactions which can be - like, share, comments, subscribe.

Influence - 

This aspect can be observed when you understand the channel is having the potential for the further growth of the audience and the stimulating actions. This aspect can be measured by observing how content is being circulated and shared on the YouTube channel and how many viewers are turning into subscribers.

Consistency -

This aspect measures how many times the YouTube channel is delivering the meaningful content or say it like this that weather channel is delivering what it should be expected.

Suppose there is one YouTube channel which claims to show the videos about electronic gadgets and besides that if it is showing some other things it means the channel is not consistent and showing which is not expected. This aspect can be calculated by observing the various videos the channel is having.

As an online marketer or advertiser, you should have a close look at these aspects described above so that you can analyze various types of channels.

If you fail to do so it is very obvious that you won't be able to get what you have set as a target and it will finally result in the poorly targeted audience, low conversion rates and your marketing budget will be washed out without any proper ROI.


Get Attracted to Unwanted Things or having shiny Object Syndrome - Mistake#3

It is a well-known fact that YouTube channels are having many types of videos and channels and each channel is having their celebrity and millions of subscribers.

It is the thing which attracts most of the YouTube marketers and advertisers as they feel it is easy and safest way to advertise their brands and services, but ultimately because of their wrong decision, they get only up to five percent of relevant traffic and influencers.

Of course in today's scenarios were about more than hundreds of channels getting launched every day, so the advertiser and marketers want to play the safe and don't have any interest in new or relevant channels.

While doing so, they tend to advertise their brands or services on the established YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and ignore the new and relevant channels.

And while advertiser opted for this easy strategy will bring them lots of disappointment as they will have an only mediocre audience and nominal conversions. Below will understand why this will happen:


Unable To Target Perfectly -

It is very needful for the YouTube advertiser or marketer to understand that if they are promoting their brands or services on the channel with millions of viewers, this does not mean they will get relevant audience or conversions. As among those viewers, it is difficult to analyze how many will be interested in your particular brand or services.

And this will result in that viewers or subscribers will find your video irrelevant to their specific interests and which will be going to affect both the brand and the influencer.

So, the good solution for this is that YouTube advertiser and marketers should identify relevant channels no matter if they are not very big and start promoting their services and brands on those channels and they will genuinely get relevant audience and viewers.


Lack of Analyzing Authentic Admiration -

If we talk about YouTube channel influencers, then many such channels have diversified subjects, topics, and ideas, and they always have done their basic marketing to attract online advertisers. To be very frank some of these channels have the main goal to attract the advertisers so that they can generate more and more revenues.

This will result in that the brands or products which are being advertised in those channels not get any particular attention or the attention they should get about their brand or services.

But many advertisers neglect that at the same time small channels work on specific brand and services and are very sincere about the particular topic or products and which will result in higher conversion rates and ROI for the marketers and advertisers on the YouTube.

So, it is always advisable for the marketers to identify those small niche channels which will prove to be authentic when you want to endorse and promote your brand and services.

The other advantage of choosing those mid-level channels is that it will be very cost effective as within the same amount of your marketing budget you will get the maximum amount of relevant customers and viewers.


Fear of Losing Control Over Your Marketing Strategy - Mistake#4

YouTube marketers and advertisers will still fall into the trap by treating influencers as actors and editorial contents for the video advertisements. By doing so, they fail to understand how brands are not getting any authentic viewers and customers.

Many studies and research have proved many times in the past that the users need authentic content for their possible reaction and this reaction can be conversions, clicks and subscribe and which will result in higher reach, better engagement and stronger and positive campaign results.

Advertisers need to provide creative freedom, which is very important for the success of the campaigns. So, the things should be kept in mind is that over controlled campaigns will have lower reach can result in some negative sentiments of the community.

If user or viewers start to feel that content is irrelevant and find some other signs of inauthenticity, then they will not online let the marketers know about it but also let everybody knows about it and which the very negative thing for the YouTube campaigns is.


Relying on External Factors or Agency- Mistake#5

As YouTube marketing campaigns have risen to great extent and viewership is also about more than one billion users in a month, this also gives rise to people or agencies who help you as a marketer with brands and campaigns.

This means YouTube marketers can fully outsource the marketing tasks to these agencies and can reap the related rewards, but is this correct regarding marketers to rely totally on outer people or agencies well let's see the disadvantages of outsourcing whole marketing tasks to these agencies:


Having Limited Access -

The people or agency working for you has the only access to the talent and the whole network and this way you won't be able to understand what they are showcasing and won't be able to understand what a brand need. So, you as YouTube marketer and advertiser you are required to identify the channel's value and should limit your reach.


Communication Gap -

Many YouTube marketers fail to understand the value of personal connection between brand and influencer. So, in this way marketer lose the control over the channel and won't able to understand what is required to market their products and brands as per the channel and this will surely affect their conversion rates and ROI.


Lack of Understanding -

Most of these agencies who are working on your behalf work on multiple channels without exactly understanding what exactly is needed for your brand and products.

At this point, you have the big role to play and make those agencies understand about both talent and video content choices these agencies are making and make them understand the specific requirements for your brand and channel.

The Marketer should also need to understand and evaluate the costing compared to delivered value, and you should be clear about your marketing budget and the fees of these agencies and analyze the latest costing and trends before outsourcing your marketing campaigns.

With the rise of YouTube influence, it has made it very attractive, lucrative and scalable for online marketers and advertisers but it should be approached in a right manner.

As a marketer, you should understand and able to analyze all the pros and cons before outsourcing your YouTube marketing campaigns so that you can get the better conversion and long-term rewards.

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