Basics of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

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You must have searched many things on the web using words or phrases in search engines like Google or Yahoo etc., and PPC the name must have been confusing you but don’t get worried you don’t have to pay anything when you browse the internet. Pay-per-click or PPC is meant for advertisers.

In the current scenario of online marketing, you must have come across the word Pay-Per-Click or PPC, welcome to digital or online marketing which provides an advertisement model called “pay per click”  or PPC.

The PPC model of advertising in digital marketing is used by various online advertisers, organizations, and the individual who wants to divert or generate traffic to their websites or web pages inorganically. Online advertising model can be broadly classified into two main categories – Organic model and Inorganic model.

In an organic model of advertising the advertiser generate traffic without paying anything to anyone, he relies on his online marketing skills and adapts various methods of SEO to generate desired traffic. Of course, the organic model is time-consuming but with time gives better results and genuine traffic.

On the other hand, the inorganic model of advertisement need advertisers to pay for the desired traffic, this is an easy and instant way to generate decent traffic and less time-consuming.

Pay-per-click advertisements have lots of rules and methods which advertisers have to follow to get better search results, one thing to note here that PPC advertisements results are different than regular search results as these are paid advertisements which are shown on the results page.

Whenever any internet user clicks on these paid advertisements, the advertiser has to pay some amount of money to the search engines, that is why it’s called “Pay per click.”

The pay-per-click or PPC model of advertisement is working primarily with “Google Ad Words,” which is again a potent tool provided in digital or online marketing and we will cover “Google AdWords” in more details in our upcoming articles. There are many other platforms where the PPC model of advertisement can be applied.



Advantages of PPC Advertising:

Let's discuss major benefits advertisers get using PPC as an advertising model in digital or online marketing as below:

Insubstantial online or digital world, it’s tough for a new advertiser to get relevant traffic and users to his website, so to mark his online presence and to get relevant traffic immediately PPC plays the very important role.

It’s also tricky for the advertisers to get organic results in limited time, so PPC provides the quick and easy route to online users who are searching the relevant things.

It does not matter whether large companies, organizations or small businessman and individuals are using PPC model, as long as the advertisement is relevant to what the user is searching for it will show in top ranks.

Good relevancy to what user is searching for will also result in low bidding for the advertisers, so ultimately PPC model is cost effective too.

PPC model of advertisements also provides various tools, by which advertisers can track his traffic, have real-time reports and analyze them; advertisers can always update & re-think the advertisements strategies and plan accordingly.

So, you must have understood by now why PPC model of advertisement is so prevalent in advertisements, many times business people, companies or individual pays a considerable amount to build a website, but what’s the use when no one is visiting their website or not getting required traffic.

PPC model of advertisement provides a quick and reliable method to reach out to potential customers or have decent traffic faster and easier.


PPC model of advertisements have many platforms, let’s discuss them as below:


Google AdWords:

Google Adwords is the most prominent and famous platform where advertisers can apply PPC model to advertising techniques; it captures about 75% of the global search and share.


Most of the people don’t realize that youtube is the second most abundant search platform where PPC can be applied.

Yahoo-Bing Advertisement Network:

This network captures only 10% of global online advertisement or search network, but in many countries where Google and YouTube are banned Yahoo-Bing network plays a significant role.

Facebook Advertisements:

In all these years Facebook advertisements are emerging at a very rapid rate, and many advertisers are applying PPC model of advertisements with Facebook.


In Russia, more than 60% of the search share is with Yandex, so for the people residing in Russia, Yandex provides a significant platform for advertisers in the Russian language.


It was started before Google and offer advertisements space in Mandarin language, it is primarily famous in China and holds about 80% market share. Few countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and some part of the USA also use Baidu.

Twitter & LinkedIn Advertisements:

These two are social platforms like Facebook and growing slowly in advertisement share. Twitter is easy to use for advertisers as compared to Facebook on the other hand advertisements on LinkedIn targets explicitly professionals in various sectors.


Pay-per-click or PPC model of advertisement is the best tool for the global advertisers today using which they can select their targeted customers or visitors. They can have the global clients, can select their customers as per demographics and can attract relevant customers our visitors to their desired websites and platforms.


But in doing so, advertisers must have to keep following points in mind:

  • In the PPC model of advertisement choosing right keywords is very necessary. Otherwise, it will result in an increased bounce rate.
  • The advertisement should have relevance to the landing page.
  • Better the CTR (Click-through-rate) better the traffic rate.
  • Other relevant factors which give the advertiser ongoing traffic.

So, the PPC model of advertisements buys traffic or visits to the website, and if appropriately implemented advertisers can enjoy good traffic in a natural way and in very less time.

Pay-per-click, in the long run, is beneficial for internet users and web searchers too as they can get relevant search results and at the same time advertisers got reliable and trusted targeted users and clients.

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