Semrush Review: Best tool for getting more organic Traffic

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SEMrush is a tool specifically designed to find profitable and usable keywords for digital marketers and advertisers. We all know that online marketing SEO has emerged as a key component to be in ahead of your competitors, and best tool for getting organic traffic.

SEMrush is a program through which many old and new online marketers and advertisers can use to optimize their websites, create content which can be specific to their online audiences and develop better experiences for all their visitors.

SEMrush was launched in the year 2008, with a collaboration of many small groups of SEO and IT experts having one goal in their mind - so that online competition can be fair and transparent, and also provide equal opportunities to everyone.

With next seven years of experience and several other experiments, SEMrush has grown into a one the best and competitive research service for all online marketers and advertisers. SEMrush has traveled a long path from a small startup to one of the major SEO service providers. SEMrush is still loyal to its fundamental values and at the same time adapting as per the new online methods and techniques.

As now a day's modern businesses have got global platform and network, and same is true with the SEMrush, which is having more than four hundred experts and operate in more than four countries.

These experts have the same goal - creating one of the best and competitive SEO solutions for all online marketers and advertisers, which includes the complete digital marketing spheres. SEMrush has also managed to learn the new techniques that are why SEMrush is open to new ideas, technologies, and suggestions and always SEMrush is going through the experimentation for the betterment.

SEMrush just makes it a point to be a part of all the main seminars, international events, and conferences; it does not matter whether it is small or large.

With the introduction of SEMrush online marketing have become very easy and straightforward. SEMrush has devised their marketing tools and an in-house kit that is used for their marketing efforts. SEMrush is providing all online marketers and advertisers by a vast marketing experience, efficient service and making the online marketing very easy.




Analytics Reports With SEMrush

SEMrush helps online marketers and advertisers to have an effective marketing strategy, and get an insight of the strategy of their competitors with display advertisements, organic and inorganic search and marketing and also help them with link building. With SEMrush you can reach the top of SERP and all these starts with the correct choices of keywords. Below are the few features of analytics provided by SEMrush.

  • Get Insight Of Competitor's Best Keywords: In online marketing, if your content is king then definitely the how you strategize your keywords is queen. You can always get your target and reach your potential customers when you manage to get the right keywords for you. Competitive intelligence is a potent tool which helps the marketers to find the best and effective SEO keywords so that they can have the higher ranking on the search page. SEMrush also provides marketers with organic research data, and also can get the insight of their competitors organic content strategy.
  • Marketers Can Discover Their New Online Competitors: As a digital or online marketer is continuously changing the landscape of marketing, so to have successful marketing you should always have natural search and organic keyword optimization.SEMrush provides you as an online marketer with 'SEMrush Competitive Positioning Map' which enable marketers to get an instant understanding of their direct competitors. These visuals are based on domains, natural traffics and organic keywords. These visuals also provide marketers with their web rivals and display your weakness and strengths.

SEMrush also provided their customers and online marketers with 'SEMrush Organic Competitive Report' which list the domain of the websites of various marketers who are competing in the Google or Bing 2.0.

By viewing these reports online marketers and advertisers can know where are they standing, competition level, natural traffic on every website, and common keywords for various domains, these help online marketers to guess their position and can fill the gaps if there is any out there.

  • With SEMrush Marketers Can Observe Changes In Domain Position: With SEMrush you as an online marketer and advertiser can always track the position of your competitors, and you can compare them with your own. You will also get to understand whether your organic tactic is working properly or not and you can always improve your position. You should know that keyword's ranking always reflect the nature of the online searchers and how they are using their keywords. It also reflects the organic search trend is going on and the behavior of the online searchers.

With SEMrush position changes report online marketer and advertiser can have updated knowledge of the domain status changes which happened in organic search results, and can also view their domain position.




Advertising Research With SEMrush

You can always use SEMrush to have increased ROI from all your PPC campaigns. Below we will see what SEMrush  has provided their customers regarding advertising research:

  • Online Marketers Can Uncover The Ad Strategies And Budget Of Their Competitors: With SEMrush online marketers and advertisers can have access to valuable data of their immediate competitors and activities related to PPC marketing.SEMrush can also help the online marketers to have the insight of competitor's budget, the best keywords they are employing and their ad copies which are most profitable. With SEMrush Advertising research online marketers can also benefit to learn from the mistakes which their competitors had made in the past, and can learn from their PPC experience.
  • Online Marketers Can Analyze The Ad Copies & Keywords Of Their Rivals:  SEMrush provides their users with the 'advertising research feature' so that they can have access to top performing keywords of their competitors and top performing keywords of the industry leaders. These keywords are those who drive the specific traffic to their websites in paid results. Online marketers and advertisers will also be able to see the type of keywords their rivals and competitors are using - whether they are long-tail keywords or high-volume keywords. In addition to that, they can also be able to see whether they are using branded ad copies or using other branded keywords to promote their websites and services and results in getting higher conversions.
  • SEMrush Helps Online Marketers To Discover New Competitors In AdWords or In Bing Ads: With the SEMrush Advertising Research feature, the online marketers and advertisers can get the list of a domain's competitors, how many common keywords are used. In addition to that what will be the estimated paid traffic, and how much their online rivals are spending on the ads. In case if the domains have a higher number of matching or common keywords, then only it would be considered as competitors, so it is always advisable to focus on the real PPC rivals.
  • SEMrush Helps Marketers To Localize Ad Campaigns: SEMrush Advertising Research Feature provides online marketers and advertisers to analyze keywords also with ad texts in about more than a hundred countries, and more than in twenty languages. You can see yourself what the Dutch, American or French type in their search boxes to find the solution for the related queries or their search. Most of the online users search in their native languages. If these users use English for their search but their query of European user will differ from American online user. It is always important for the online advertisers and the marketers to have this knowledge for their local PPC campaigns, and this will open the door for them to the additional opportunities for bidding.


Display Advertising With SEMrush      

SEMrush has got many features for online marketers and advertisers to enhance their skills and get success with display advertising using SEMrush data. Below we will discuss the features SEMrush provides with display advertisements:

  • Easily See The Top Publishers & Online Advertisers: The SEMrush provides the online advertisers with their 'top 30 reports' which shows the best performing advertisements and websites, it also includes the text involved and the media ads. In addition to that SEMrush also provides their user with how many ad placements they have used and the landing page they have promoted. It will also show the SEMrush user how many calls to action they have used while developing their products and services, and also reveal the websites of the publishers which are relevant to what they are offering or promoting to their clients and users.

In addition to that online marketers and advertisers will also get to see the websites of the publishers which have reached the mark of thousands of users per day. As an online marketer, if you analyze and study these data, you will devise many ideas to monetize their website or blog, and this will result in your AdSense earnings.

  • Analyze Competitor's Ad With SEMrush: Online marketers and advertisers who are using SEMrush can quickly examine the ways how other companies or rivals are building their display ads successfully. SEMrush always allows their users to analyze their competitors and leaders in the industry with engaging headlines, sub-headlines, call to actions, images, design and other special incentives.SEMrush users can also get to see how many impressions of every given ad, have been noticed, and in addition to that get the idea about the stability of the ad in a sense how many conversions it can get. SEMrush helps their users to have a view on the ratio of text ads to media banners so that marketers can quickly analyze what works best for them and fit to their campaigns so that they can attract more users and get higher ROI.
  • SPOT New Publishers With SEMrush: Online marketers and advertisers will realize the fact that it is essential to research competitor's publisher and one of the most important aspects of the display advertisements. If you perform a profound and insightful competitive placement analysis before launching any display campaigns, it will surely save your budget as well as time before testing different publisher's websites.SEMrush allows their users to locate where the competitors are advertising and help them to pick up high performing placements for their display campaigns. If you target the websites which forward the traffic to your competitors, it will be surely a profitable investment for your business as well.
  • SEMrush Allows You To View Display From different Devices: The SEMrush Display Advertising Feature allows marketers and advertisers to see if there are any changes in statistics which can depend on any device where the ad has been shown. As a SEMrush user, you will always be able to see your display campaigns across the various devices like - desktops, tablets, smartphones and this will help you to recognize which device is performing best for you.


Backlinks With SEMrush

SEMrush provides its users with a powerful website backlink checker, which shows all the links which point to the domain of users and online marketers and advertisers can perform the effective audit which those links. Below are few advantages of SEMrush backlinks which user can use:

Online Marketers Cab Perform Detailed Link Analysis:

A user can always perform a deep analysis with backlink checker provided by SEMrush. In this way, marketers can able to improve their link building strategies and can spot some referrals.

SEMrush Users Can Understand Referring Domains Authority:

Users can always check the number of external links of the linking web page if there are many links in the page user can take it as a warning sign that the resource may contain the spam materials and in that case, the user can remove the unnatural links. SEMrush backlinks also enable its users to discover competitors strong authority links and can analyze which trusted web resources are being referred to their websites.


Online Marketers Can Evaluate Backlinks Types

A user will able to get to identify the backlink as SEMrush website link checker is also having a 'no follow' or 'follow' note. So this way, the user will able to understand if the link will transfer any link juice to the website. With SEMrush website backlink checker User can also be able to see where their competitors are following the links are coming from, the user can also get to discover relevant industry web resources.

In addition to that the user can also see if there are some websites available which are interested in referring your content. SEMrush users will also be able to see if there are any images, form or frame or even text links are pointing to your websites or not.


SEMrush Users Can Spot Their Link's Geolocation:

SEMrush Backlinks tools also offer their users with geographical distributions widgets - like graphs, charts, pie charts and world maps. These widgets will help the user to find from where the backlinks are coming from geographically. In addition to that users can also able to see unique IP addresses of the referring domains, the number of domains located with each of the given IP addresses, IP distribution as per the country and top-level domains distributions.


Video Advertising Research With SEMrush

With SEMrush video advertising feature users will able to perform the following tasks:

Online Marketers Will Able To Create An Effective Video Ad Campaign:

SEMrush collects data from leading YouTube channels and videos. Then it is followed by searching in-stream video ads which are displayed in those videos. And in this way, they get the list of advertiser's landing page and video - ad placement from the data collected by the SEMrush.SEMrush also helps users to find the best placement of the videos ads by providing the information about most of the fruitful and favorite YouTube videos.

SEMrush Users Can Uncover Video Ad Strategies Of Their Competitors:

SEMrush provides its users with complete detail of the in-stream video ads, which includes pre and post-rolls. Just you need to do some clicks, and you will get to know the overview of all video ads which is being run by your competitors. In addition to that, you can also get to see the landing pages related to those ads, on which YouTube channel or videos these ads are being placed. The SEMrush Video Research Feature provides its users with the precious data on how the video ad campaigns of their competitors and, and in this way you don't have to make the mistakes to learn the things. The mistakes of your opponents will make you learn and can have successful video ads campaigns.

Online Marketers Can Discover Top Advertisers:

The latest feature of Video Advertising research of SEMrush is that it can provide you with the complete list of the advertisers, who use to run video ads on YouTube.  These lists are flexible, and as a user, you can sort it as by as per your convenience - like by advertisers with most viewed ads or by the date of the ads and can spot the new business players in his field. You can also get the complete insight of the particular advertiser so that you can analyze which video ads they have used in their campaigns, see their landing pages and can study the channels and videos they used for placing their video ads. And in this way, you can use make the summary of this information and can analyze about the success rate of their campaigns.


Users Can Learn The Ways To Make Money With Their Videos:

It is known to everyone now that, and YouTube channel managed adequately can make them earn money. Usually, a large number of the individuals failed while doing so and SEMrush will show you how you can receive and make some money while making the videos. SEMrush will help you to find the potential advertisers for your videos, keep track on your potential competitors and do the research for you the ad market of YouTube.


Keywords Research With SEMrush

SEMrush helps its user to understand which are the best keywords for their SEO method of online marketing. In addition to that, it will assist the users with the best keywords for the PPC marketing in AdWords or Bing. This way SEMrush helps its users with both organic and inorganic keywords search. With using SEMrush Keywords research feature, a user can easily get to do the following things:

  • It Provides Its Users With Tried & Tested Keywords: These proven keywords will enable online marketers and advertisers to get the keywords which are already being tried and tested by their competitors and top leaders in the industry. Users will also get to know their value for organic and paid research, and in addition to that user will discover which are the top players who are using these keywords and their most popular landing pages. SEMrush users will able to analyze the data for both the mobile and desktop index.
  • SEMrush Keywords Research Feature Helps User to Gather Phrase Matches & Related Keywords: This is an excellent feature provided by the SEMrush to collect the best keywords matching option. Online marketers and advertisers can increase their web visibility opportunities using a list of other keyword search queries, which includes and particular keyword or keywords expression. SEMrush also analyzes the domains which are ranked in the Google or Bing top hundred for any particular search term and this way generate the list which is having the common keywords.
  • Get Long-Tail Keywords With SEMrush: As an internet marketer and advertiser, you can't just rely on the top keywords. It is observed that the most popular keywords have the biggest search volume. These keywords are known as long tail keywords, which usually represents about 70% of the search traffic. SEMrush collects all these keywords with search volume and provides the user with long-tail search keywords through its 'Keywords Analysis Reports.'
  • SEMrush Allows User To Explore Multilingual & Multinational Environments: As we know that online marketing has no borders, so SEMrush develop strategies and techniques and offers great SEO and PPC opportunities for its international business industries. SEMrush provides its users to a marketer and targets the different countries and this way SEMrush helps the marketers to adapt keywords appropriately to different regions.    


Products Listing Ads With SEMrush

SEMrush provides online marketers and advertisers to have efficient SEMrush PLA data and boost their Google Shopping campaigns. The major features are listed below:


  • SEMrush Users Will Able To define Their Product Listing Ads Competitors: SEMrush products listing ads features enable users to identify their competitors on Google shopping, let them discover how many PLA keywords you are using which are common as per your competitors. Users can also be able to see the number of keywords that trigger competitors PLAs which appear in paid search results. And in addition to that users can also estimate the spending which their competitors are making on the AdWords in comparison with their expenses and can also compare competitors domain rankings using the tool - Domain Vs. Domain Tool. By utilizing Products Listing Ads with SEMrush users can evaluate the e-commerce strategies of their competitors and rivals, and can able to fine-tune their own Google Shopping techniques which will ensure the growth in their income.
  • SEMrush Users Can Get Insight Into Their PLA Competitors Products Feeds: With SEMrush you can easily lift the veil from the secrets which your competitors are employing. SEMrush enables you to generate - 'SEMrush position report' about the domain of your competitors which will help you to see keywords which will prompt their product listing ads which appear in the search results. In addition to that, you will get to see PLAs that popped up for every keyword and PLAS rankings in the SERPs. SEMrush users will also get to see the promoted product title and its price with SEMrush by their competitors.
  • SEMrush Users Will Be Able To See Best Performing PLA's: With SEMrush PLA copies report, users will be able to find the copies of their competitor's ads which was launched via Google. Each ad will be followed by the number of keywords for which it got appeared in Google Shopping Results. In this way, you can quickly analyze and evaluate the top performing competitors who are listed in Google Shopping ads. In addition to that, you can also analyze their components so that you will able to understand what is liked most by the Google and you can use them in your ads. SEMrush also provides its users with the filters so that you can sort out the data by the product title or maybe the price of the product. If you are an advertiser, you should not need that you can always import all your 'SEMrush Product Listing Ads Reports' to XLS, CSV or CSV Semicolon formats.

SEMrush Tools & Their Feature   

Here, we will know about the tools which are provided with the SEMrush and their primary functions. SEMrush comes with various tools which enable online marketers and advertisers to have a pleasant online campaigns experience. Each of the main SEMrush tools is given as below:

Keyword Difficulty Tool:

This is the tool that allows the user to cross, combine and visualize SEMrush data so that they can compare the competitive domains and also can also estimate the keywords difficulty with just a few clicks. The main feature is given as below:

  • Online marketers and advertisers can find the keyword with less difficulty.
  • Marketers can also be able to estimate the keyword difficulty very directly.

Domain Vs. Domain Tool

  • It enables users to see the comparison as it set side-by-side comparison reports.
  • Enables users to view the common keywords as well as unique keywords.
  • Allows users to see all of the relevant data so that they can come up with their better strategy.


  • With charts, online marketers and advertisers can compare domains that have key visibility indicators.
  • SEMrush Users can also be able to conduct a competitive analysis with just a few clicks.

SEMrush - My Reports  

  • With SEMrush - 'My Reports' online marketers and advertisers can gather all the SEMrush valuable data in just one good custom PDF report.
  • Online marketers and advertisers can able to design their report using branding and commenting report.
  • With SEMrush - 'My Reports' Users can also be able to share and schedule their reports which can go out on a regular basis.

SEMrush - Keyword Magic Tool

  • SEMrush users can always get over two million ideas about their keywords, which will help them to use the robust and relevant keywords for their products and services.
  • Online marketers and advertisers can also use the Keyword Grouping so that they can segment their keywords as per the relevant topics.
  • Users can also be able to pick the best keyword/keywords as per their requirement and save them in Keyword Analyzer for the future use.
  • SEMrush users can easily export their keywords to other SEMrush tools which they have selected, and get benefited from it.
  • All SEMrush users, online marketers, and advertisers can able to create up to fifty target keywords lists. These lists will able to employ the keywords in their various future or present online campaigns.

Social Media Tool:

This tool enables the user to keep track of their social media campaigns. In the current era of digital marketing social media marketing has become the essential part of any successful campaign. SEMrush Social Media Tool provides its users and online marketers with cost-effective, and quick tool to yield the desired results in various social media platforms. This tool also enables the SEMrush users and online marketers to have an excellent analysis of their competitors on all social media platforms.

It is evident that computers are known for their social skills, but at the same time, they are perfect for working with data. It does not matter how deep or complex is the given data. The social media tool providers with the SEMrush will process all the information in a flash and then display to its users in very convenient, informative, easy to understand charts or lists, or in graphical format. All the display format will have its unique style so that users can learn it very quickly and in the very convenient way.

 So why to wait for, just enter your domain and see the magic

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