Tips To Get Sky-High Conversions Through Twitter Ad Platform

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Twitter is unique and as an online marketer or advertiser you should understand the proper functioning of the Twitter and need to understand its various features. Otherwise, you will land up wasting your money and time. Let us see the sky-high conversions through Twitter ad platform.

For online marketer and advertiser the one tough question which comes to their mind is when they have placed their ads on online or digital medium, but how many successful conversions will they get.

Though they must have tried many online marketing platforms, in this article, we will study how you can get high conversions rate using Twitter ad marketing platforms.

You must have implemented many marketing techniques and have spent hours in creating the landing page, writing lead descriptions but still, you need one comfortable platform where you can market your brand or product successfully, and Twitter is one of them.

Below we will discuss some amazing tips which will be useful to you when you have planned to market on Twitter. You will also see advanced techniques which you can implement using Twitter, and ultimately surely you will get high conversions and better ROI.


Why Implement Paid Twitter Advertisements

Twitter is one of the fast-growing social media platforms where you can market your brand and services, and it is very convenient to get advertise yourself and reach out to millions of people and followers. But the main question here is why you as an advertiser need to invest in paid advertisements.

The main reason to invest in Twitter paid advertisements is that organic marketing is declining, marketers need to get fast and quick results and want to reach out the potential customers as soon as possible, and hence they opt for the paid platforms which are convenient and have got good reach and users.

In recent times Twitter has made many changes in its functioning to attract online advertiser and marketers. And with each day Twitter is getting better and better and the one more thing which is very important that Twitter is also very cost effective.

The cost per thousand impressions is very convenient on Twitter as compared to Facebook and other marketing platforms. It is also seen that CPC in AdWords and other platforms are also increasing as they already are very competitive.

Amazed with the Twitter advertisement platforms so, let's see below how you can set up your Twitter advertisements campaign.


Setting The Proper Twitter Advertisement Campaign  

Twitter is a very strong platform and if this is your first Twitter marketing campaign you should always get to know the basic things so that it will help you to set up the first successful marketing campaign.


Analyze Your Prime Objective

when you made your mind to use Twitter advertisement platform, then you then first thing is that you need to have your Twitter account and then go into Twitter Ads Account, you can do this by going to and fill all your essential things related to your campaign.

At this step now you need to plan out what is your prime objective of the campaign and understand that what you want and how your whole campaign will be. You like to have more traffic, more leads or just want to have more followers.

Twitter present you with six type of campaign styles which you can choose and implement accordingly:

  • Website Conversion or Clicks
  • Followers
  • Tweet Engagements
  • App install or re-arrangement
  • Leads on Twitter
  • Video views

You can choose what campaign is suitable for you and then proceed accordingly. It is imperative at this stage to identify your campaign accordingly to get the desired results.


Properly Select Your Targeting Options

In the above stage, you have selected you campaign style now it's time to set up your remaining part of the campaign. In this part, you need to give "name to your ad campaign," choose all the options which are relevant to you and properly select your targeting options.

You need to know the targeting as it is very important and you as an online advertiser or marketer you should know your target audience and viewers. Twitter marketing platform is having eleven types of targeting options as below:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Devices, Platforms, and Carriers
  • Keywords
  • Followers
  • Interests
  • Tailored Audience
  • Behaviors
  • TV Targeting
  • Event Targeting

You should properly select your target audience or viewers otherwise you will waste your time and money spends on the advertisement campaign.


Set-up Your Bid And Adjust It Accordingly To Get Maximum Profit

You should get this stage very correctly as many of the mistakes are made at this stage, which is the main reason for not having proper ROI. One thing to understand here is that Twitter does the auction to sell its advertisements, which means that you have to pay higher in an auction to get an impression of your ads.

So, you need to adjust your bid accordingly and maintain the balance between your bid amount if it is too low your ad won't get any impression.   

Twitter also allows the user to opt for automatic bidding, in this you as an advertiser set your maximum amount of daily budget or spending so that you win the number of auctions, so Twitter will automatically spend the highest amount which you have set in your bid and in this way you win the auction.

But, sometimes it may happen that you want to win only selected auctions, in that scenario you can set your bid amount manually.



Tips And Techniques To Make Your Campaign Go Viral

You have already set your first Twitter campaign, and you have understood all the basic of Twitter marketing platform, and now you need to make your marketing campaign make viral. So below you will find the tips and techniques to make your Twitter marketing campaign go viral:

  1. Try To Get High-Quality Score And Lower Your Quality Score

As an online marketer and advertiser, you don't want to exhaust your marketing budget with unnecessary clicks, and you still want to have the high-quality score, and at the same time, you don't want to get the unnecessary click which is of no use for you. There are ways in twitter you can improve your quality score when we are talking about the Twitter quality score is referred to as - "Quality Adjusted Bids."

Many studies have shown in the past the higher will be your quality score the lower will be your click rate and this will help you to get good conversions. Below we will see how Twitter determines it the quality score or "Quality Adjusted Bids":

  • Resonance - This is metric used to measure the engagement of your advertisement, the more will be the engagement on your tweet the more quality score you will able to achieve. Engagement of your tweet includes - like, retweets, share & comments.
  • Relevance - It measures whatever you tweet is making any interest to the reader or user, more the user will be interested in your tweet more it will add relevancy to it.
  • Recency - This metric checks how recent is your tweet, more recent will be your tweet more priority it will get.  

If you as an online marketer and advertiser want to get the high-quality score or "Quality Adjusted Bids" you need to have fresh tweets as twitter always check how recent is your tweet and as already mentions the more recent will be your tweet the more priority it will get.

It is always good practice that any online marketer or advertiser can employ is to have unique and original tweets, the more will be you get your user engaged with organic tweets the more high-quality score you will get, and it will lower your ad clicks. This way your tweet get more exposure and a better conversion rate.

You should always narrow down your viewers as you need not have to waste your time and energy on those viewers who have no or less interest in your tweets. If you keep targeting interested viewers, let it may be smaller, but you should have the precise audience. This will certainly help you to higher your conversion rate and engagement.


  1. Tips To Find Your Best Content You Want To Promote

Twitter use the very useful metric called tweet engagement which is used to advertise on Twitter. It usually decides the pricing based on tweet engagement as well as it also determines the potential exposure which it will get.

You can also analyze the tweets with higher engagement by login into Twitter Analytics. Once you have found your tweets with higher engagement rates, you can again start an advertising campaign for those top tweets.


  1. Your Keywords Should Be Relevant Which Helps In Narrowing The Audience

As we know by now that you should have a relevant audience when using Twitter as a marketing platform. You should always narrow your audience so that you can have an only relevant audience. Twitter also equip you with keyword targeting through which you can find the people or visitor who has searched for the relevant keywords. You can manage your keywords as - Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, Negative Match, Negative Phrase, Negative Exact.


  1. Identify The Behavior And Demographic Targeting Options To Boos Engagement

Twitter also equip it, advertiser or marketer, to find the relevant audience but providing behavior and targeting options, through this metric you can identify the behavior and demographics of the audience so that you can get better conversions.

You can always identify the behavior of the audience by business type, industry, sales, etc. and this will help you to understand whether they are worthy to buy your product or services or not. By using demographics targeting you can identify the audience as per their occupation, education, income, etc. and this will again help you to understand whether they will buy your services or product.


  1. Identify User List To extract Maximum Conversions

You can arrange the list of your followers, clients and other influencers as Twitter provide a good method to do it. Most of the marketers already know this feature but very less use to utilize it. When you are using twitter marketing platform for advertising Twitter list are a good way to advertise.


  1. Use of Email List To Create Your Audience

Twitter also provides online marketer and advertiser a feature with which they can upload their email lists so that they can create their listing of the audience. This feature helps advertisers to advertise the people who have subscribed to your emails. Using this feature, you can promote your products and quickly establish your brands.  

To use this feature go to Twitter ads and select "Advertising Manager." Then click on - "create New Audience" and then select the option - Upload Email List. Fill all the required information and upload your email lists. This list of emails which you already had is very important for Twitter advertisement; it helps to promote your brand, blogs, and websites very easily.


  1. Retarget Your Potential Clients And Audience

Through Twitter, you can always remarket and retarget your audience on email lists as well as the people who are visiting your website. All these traffic enables you to get more exposure, and you can easily retarget them to get better conversions.


Quick Review

So, in this article, we have seen that Twitter is very comfortable and cost-effective platform to market your products and create brand awareness. Initially, you have to spend some time to understand the functioning and feature of the Twitter advertising platform, and once you understood it, you will surely get better ROI.

Use automatic bid feature smartly and don't let twitter to let all automated daily bids. Use keywords properly to have greater conversion rate as well as study the demographics and behavior of the audience and visitors wisely to generate maximum profit. You can also retarget your audience for further benefit.

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