What is Internet Marketing?

Know the basics of internet marketing for the beginners
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The Internet has taken over all the means of information accessibility, a large number of people seek help for different purposes from the internet. According to statistics, 40% of the total world population has access to the internet. So, internet marketing is a widely used method for various publishers and advertisers.

Thus, it has become a significant source to reach people for marketing and business. ‘Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to all the advertisement and marketing campaigns which are done over the internet.  These campaigns use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails.’

The Internet can connect billions of people around the globe. Many companies and businesses take advantage of this opportunity and use it for the marketing of their business.

Internet marketing is a useful source of marketing, as it has a massive scope of making people`s minds and directing in some directions. People use both paid and non-paid to advertise on the internet through different methods.


Here are the different methods of internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing in which one pays to a company or retailer for the advertisement of their products or services (for each visitor). It is the primary and most prominent source for directly selling the products.

The example of Affiliate Marketing is Clickbank.


Social Media Marketing

The new and leading method of marketing is advertising via social media, both paid and unpaid. Social media websites charge clients for trafficking and promoting your business. Works in their search engine also. Leading social media websites for this purpose are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. To learn more about social media marketing, please check the article.


Display Advertising

Favorite sites and blogs who have large numbers of traffic on their websites sell place of banner ads. In this type of marketing, money is paid for putting banners on favorite sites. This, in turn, can increase traffic to your product web pages and enhance the popularity of your business.


Inbound Marketing

This way of marketing uses blogs for the purpose. Useful information is provided to customers for free to make a room in their minds and the popularity of the product and company.


Search Engine Marketing

This mostly used way of marketing uses search engines for marketing. Your brand and link leading to it appear in search engines in reaction to related inquiries. Search engine marketing increases the traffic to your website and increased sales. This includes ‘paid placement, contextual advertising, paid inclusion or through search engine optimization.’


Search Engine Optimization

It is an unpaid method of marketing self-promoted by using specific words and phrases that make it suitable to appear in search engines and search results. It includes ‘keyword research and placement, link building and social media marketing.’


Email Marketing

Reaching clients and customers through an email campaigns is called email marketing. For this purpose individual by email address books, hire email marketing providers or contact directly to customers who signed up for updates on your website.

This has been proved a very productive way of marketing and getting in touch with clients for feedback.

Marketing via the internet is one of the significant sources of marketing for TV and newspapers.

Billions of people engage in different activities on the internet daily, what not take advantage of that and use this cheap method of marketing. Plus point of marketing on the internet is, that we can quickly check and measure the response of customers.

This insight is useful for making strategies and taking decisions. Customers` feedback is also a significant benefit of marketing on the internet, as it can be easily attained directly from clients and customers.

This thing makes us able to make changes according to our customers’ needs. That is why almost every leading business adopts this method of marketing to reach customers and to sell products and services.

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