What is Clickbank?

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Clickbank is an online retailer of physical and digital products. Clickbank is a private company that was founded in 1988. The company is serving more than six-million clients worldwide and secures the place of an 87th Largest Internet retailer.

Located In North America, Clickbank is a subsidiary of one of Idaho’s largest privately held technology companies, the Keynetics Inc. Clickbank serves as a connection between digital content creators, primarily their vendors, and affiliate marketers, who promote them to consumers.

The technology of Clickbank helps vendors and clients in payments, tax calculations, and other customer service tasks. Also, the company aims to assists entrepreneurs in building visibility and revenue-generating opportunities.


How Clickbank Works?

So if you are new to the affiliate marketing, promoting other peoples products can be something you can enjoy, earn and at the same time be confused in. Questions like how much you’ll receive, how can you track payments and when will you get paid, can come to your mind. You must know how the Clickbank works and provides opportunities for its vendors, marketers, and client.


Overview of Click Bank

How Clickbank works is quite simple. Clickbank is full of amazing products. What you have to do is find a product and create a customized Hoplink. A hoplink is a referral tracking URL that has two purposes: one, that it links the client to the vendor's website for further details of the product. Two, when the client reaches the website, Hoplink will inform Clickbank which affiliate helped the client reach the website. So Hoplink is tracking all the traffic brought by you to the website.

Then, your work is to promote the product online. Once your promotion gains traffic for the vendor's website and merchandise, clients start buying the products. You receive credit for assisting that particular product. Your commission is calculated by the Clickbank technology, which is based on the net sale price, that will be explained later here. The amount is transferred to your account within minutes of the sale.

This is the overview of Clickbank providing solutions for vendors, marketers, and customers at the same time.


Calculating Commissions

Products listed by vendors have a commission rate set by the vendor, ranging from 1% to 75%. After your account has been registered on Clickbank, you start promoting products for the vendors. When you drive a sale to that product, Clickbank will process the sales, calculate and apply the charges, and then based on the commission rate Clickbank calculates the amount that will be credited to your account.


This example will help you understand the process better:

For example, if the retail price of the product sold is $29.95. Subtracting 7% plus $1.00 from the retail price will give you the net sale amount that is $26.70. The commission rate for this product is 55%, so applying 55% of the net sale amount gives you $14.69. This is the amount you earn as the affiliate for this sale. The maximum commission on a single sale is $150, and you will not be earning more than that.



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The purpose of affiliate marketing is to get paid for all the sales made by your help. Clickbank has two requirements for paying you.

  1. Payment Threshold: A set amount must be achieved to get paid. This threshold is set in your settings.
  2. Customer Distribution Requirements: You must meet these requirements to get paid. Details available on the Clickbank support page.

This is the complete overview of how Clickbank works. For more information, you can always visit the Clickbank support page. All information is available in complete detail. Clickbank has been serving over six million clients, so they are reputable and trusted.

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